January 3 astrology eclipse

When is the next solar eclipse?
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Astrology is always very specific and unique to just you. We would have to look to see where this particular eclipse lands for you. What house is it in on your natal chart? What flavor will it show up with? Will it be challenging or easy? It is different for everyone.

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn January 12222 Horoscopes

While we cannot go through that for you now, to answer your personal questions, we can look for us as a collective and make some predictions. This is what Astrology is for—to see ahead, to gain insight, and to learn what life is trying to teach us. Jupiter expansion moving into the sign of Scorpio sexual secrets —it fit perfectly. Now last month, on November 8, , Jupiter entered Sagittarius. Within a week: we are face-to-face with our political attacks on each other that always address a favorite Sag topic: who is telling the truth?

Truth-telling is going to be a theme for this upcoming year. Lies and honesty—the topics Sagittarians love to speak too. For the collective, the upcoming solar eclipse will hit the top of our universal chart—we call that the house of public attention. With a universal Aries rising, it will land in the 10th house…marking a time for politics to come face-to-face with its dark side. This is the theme of the 10th house: the dark and light of leadership and its pretenses.

We are being asked to return to the original values of our forefathers, to stop and take a look at what mattered most to politics. America started this country on telling the truth George Washington and being run by a democracy that abolished slavery Abraham Lincoln —we too are being asked, regardless of our politics, to look again at what we call America.

The total lunar eclipse on January 21 is at 0 degrees Leo, which is all about the entrance of our egos. What if this new year we put our egos aside and valued the simple principles of honesty and democracy? This eclipse would be a marker like it was for Einstein. While we cannot look directly at your chart to see where these influences touch you personally, we sure can go to the big picture and speak to the universal, identifying how the power of the stars are influencing us.

This is where we stop time, use the eclipses to call our attention out to review, and then let Jupiter inspire the conversation about truth, honesty and realness. This is how Astrology works: it describes opportunity.

January Astrology: Break Free, Move Forward! | Keen

We are learning how to be real and truthful. Or are we? Just know that this new year is starting with a bang…two eclipses pointing at such important topics. Politics and honesty…do the two words even go together? In the stars they do, and in the future they will. Especially if you are doing anything dangerous. N onetheless, addictions can also become stronger.

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If you are facing any such problem, be extra careful and seek proper help. Work, career and business are greatly affected by this New Moon and the Solar Eclipse. Stress in the field can appear. Challenges, too. But, also, opportunities to advance there and to create better conditions. On deciding what to do and how to move forward, an open and flexible mind will be your best friend. On the other hand, new plans can come in your mind that can serve you better. Psychologists, artists and those whose job depends greatly on the opinion of the public will experience these influences more intensively.

Your parents, your kids and your family and your love affairs can stress you, too, one way or another.

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Also, some repairs may be necessary at your home. This is a very spiritual New Moon and Solar Eclipse. The stars are asking you to look inside yourself and find out what is important to you and what is not. Your connection with the divine plane and beings may also come under a test. In the same time, though, spiritual breakthroughs are possible. In a more mundane level, studies, schools, seminars, places of religion you are involved with, as well as philanthropic organizations, can become rather stressful, or even unstable.

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Schedules, teachers, or courses can be changed, willingly or not. Also, computers, phones and high-tech gadgets can malfunction. Backing up your most important files would be a very wise decision. Finally, your friends and family can stress you and some repairs or maintenance may be necessary at your home. Money can become rather stressful under the influence of this New Moon and this Solar Eclipse.

Your income, your financial condition and how you are spending your money, all are now important. Finding ways to enjoy your life with whatever means you are having at hand is something you should be doing now. In the same time, repaying debts and cutting off unnecessary expenses are also wise policies.

Work can also be affected. A change of job, a promotion, a resignment and anything alike are all possible. Friends, siblings and your relationship with them are also becoming important. Stressful, too, in many cases. Nonetheless, this is a golden opportunity to heal all these relationships, even if it presents itself as a negative situation. All your important relationships are going through a test under the influence of this New Moon and this Solar Eclipse.

Love is not an exception, of course, and the same goes for business partners. All problems in those relationships can become more vivid and loud. Just keep in mind that this is a healing procedure. Relationships with strong and healthy foundations have the chance to become even stronger and healthier. Of course, those relationships which are unhealthy to begin with will, most probably, end. This is a very spiritual New Moon and Solar Eclipse for everyone, but even more so for you. Your intuition, empathy and your other spiritual abilities become rather strong and active.

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This is good, of course, and it can help you develop them even more. In the same time, though, it makes you more sensitive in the negative feelings and thoughts of those around you. So, do make sure to support and protect yourself.

Work becomes quite important to you under this New Moon and this Solar Eclipse. It can also become quite stressful. Too many obligations and maybe a disorganised environment in your place of working can be the cause of it.

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Also, changes, some of them you may expect and some, maybe, not, can happen. A change in your job is also possible, whether you were planning for it, or not.

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Health and daily life are also under some stress, and so is your psych. Therefore, resting properly and dedicating some time a day to yourself will help you a lot. Keep in mind that psychological health is just as important — and sensitive — as the physical one.