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Jupiter is a beneficlord Jupiter has no association Jupiter's aspectstrength Jupiter is in a neutral sign Total. As the native enjoysVenus Dasa at birth about 2 years the Moon in his Dasa 18 to 18 age gives rise to the results of the yoga to some extent while the larger part of it lparticularly regarding financeand fortune will be realisedin Jupiter's Dasa to begin from the 43rd year.

(PDF) An Introduction to the Yogas of Jyotish- by Richard Fidler | Richard Fidler -

The extent of the results depends upon the residentialstrength. Venus and Mercury; and neutrals are the Sun, the Moon and Saturn. Jupiter and the Moon are feebly benefic. The Moon will give rise to a larger part of the yoga resultsthan Jupiter. The Moon can fulfil his part of the results as major lord and sub-lord particularly in Jupiter'sDasa.

The yoga is practicallyneutralised units of strcngthobtained if the positiveand negative by both the planetsare equal. The secondhouse must be ocoupiedby planets excepting the Sun. The second may be occupied by Mars' Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn either singly or collectively. Again the nature of the yoga depends to a large extent upon the nature of the lord or lords occupying the second.

This is a powerful SunaphaYoga capable of giving rise to much wealth.

The intensity of the yoga will be heightenedif Lagna happensto be Leo as in this casethe yoga will have reference to the l0th and I lth houses. As usual the resultswill find expression in the Dasas and Bhukthis of the planets responsiblefor causing the yoga. Note the concentration of five planets in the 2nd from the Moon causinga Sunapha Yoga. The yoga is practiall the evil forces have been cally defunct because on it.

The Sun is in debility with Kethu focussed aspected by Saturn and Rahu. The yoga has produced no results and the native is a non-entity. Compare this horoscope with Chart No. Venus is a yogakaraka from the Moon and his having causedSunaphahas fortified the financial position of the native. Note that Sunaphahas much iffluence on the financial prosperity or adversity of a person.

Ctrrt No. Saturn Rahu I. I st [Ar. In later life, renunciation and austerity. The remarks made for Sunapha apply to this also with slight variation. Balance Rahu. Dasa birth: ye,arc The yogais fccbly present inasmuchas Jupiter is debilitatedthough there is Neechabhanga because Saturn's of dispositionin a kendra from Lagna. Saturn's quota of thc yoga will manifestin his Dasa. Note also the. He will be with much wealth and conveyances.


This, of course, does not apply to strictly Parivraja Yogas. Many varieties of Sunapha, Anapha and f hurdhura are formed by permutations and combinations of the five planets and their results should be particularly noted.

Yogakaraka Calculator

If Mars is in the 2nd and Mercury is in the l2th a kind of Dhurdhura is formed. Similarly Mars in the l2th and Mercury in the 2nd gives rise to another kind and Jupiter in the 2nd and Mercury in the l2th gives rise to yet another type though all thesego under the name of Dhurdhura. Each conjunction in these permutations produce different results. To give a simple illustration take Mars in the 2nd in Capricorn where he is exalted and Jupiter in the l2th in Scorpio in a friendly sign.

Now take Jupiter in the 2nd. Would the results in both cases the same? All be thesepermutations must be carefully analysect. There will be thirty-one varietiesof Sunapha,and an equal number of Anapha combinations and there are something like varieties of Dhurdhura. Suryanarain Rao.

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Balanceof Moon's Dasa at birth : years In this horoscope the Dhurdhura yogafor. The Moon is exaltedin Taurus, Saturn is in the l2th and Venus is in the 2nd. Saturn is Neechabut there is Neechabhanga. From Chandra Saturn is a yogakaraka.

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T'heresultsof the yoga ma. Kemadruma Yoge Definition. There are yet othcr authors who say that these yogasarisefrom kendrasand navamsas are but these observations not generally acceptable. Sorrowsmean physicalas well is as mcntal. The word Neecha usedin the original and this refersto such actsas are prohibited by the religious, moral and social codesand are therefore held to be disgraceful.

Yoga horosChart No. No Chandraand no planetsare lo be found in kendras eitherfrom Lagna or from the Moon. In Chart No. But thereis distinct cancellation c of the Kemadruma bccause the kendrasfrom the. Moon are occupied and D kendras from the Lagna are also occupied. I0 after Swrise. Balanceof Jupiter'sDasa at birth: years Mars conjoins thc Moon this Definition. With due respect to the ancient masters in the scienceI have to observethat Chandra Mangala Yoga acts as a powerful factor in cstablishingone's financial worth. The earningswill generallybe through such occupationsas toddy contract, beer shop, bar, etc.

One has to cater to the baserneedsof men, but when the Moon and Mars are well disposed, the earnings will be through other approved means. The yoga is said to arise by the associationof Mars and the Moon but I feel that the yoga will also be formed if the Moon and Mars are in mutual aspect. Take the Moon in Taurus and Mars in Scorpio. Take the Moon in Cancer and Mars in Capricorn.

Theseare excellent positions' The combination can be productive of good if it occurs in the 2nd, 9th, lOth or llth house. Sunrise' at Chrrt No. Balance of Mercury's Dasa at birth: years 7'' In the above chart Chandra Mangala Yoga has taken place in Scorpio the 9th from Lagna' Mars is in his own houseand the Moon ls in debilitation' Becausethe Moon is waxing and lvlars occupies his own sign, this yoga has receivedsome vitality' The Dasa of Mars will be the best.

When Chandra Mangala Yoga occurs in unfavourable houses, the native will have debased character. He may even sell his wife, his sister, etc'' and make money out of unholy transactions'. Astrological authorities classify this Adhi Yoga as Papadhi yogaand Shubhadhiyogi. But Varahamihira and that sectionof astrologersdo not seemto favour such a classification.

Bhattotpala, the erudite commentator of the writings of Varahamihira suggests the existence of papadhi yoga. Varahamihira distinctly observesSounyehi-implying cle4rly only the benefics,vz. All thesebeneficsmay be in the 6th, 7th or 8th or in two housesor all of them may be in any one of thesehouses. If there is one planet in full strength in any one of thesesigns, that person becomesa leader. If there are twonhe will be a minister and if there are three, he will occupy an eminent station in life, If all the rhree benefics, devoid of strength, are in the three signsabove mentioned, then also Adhi Yoga will be presentbut rhe influence it exertswould indeed be feeble.

Adhi yoga may be consideredas a Raja Yoga or almost its equivalent. The AdhiYoga is fairly powerful in Chart No. I l, because Jupiter is exaltedin the 7th and Mercury is in the 8th from the Moon. Jupiter's Dasa was an excellentone as it enabledhim to attain a good position in life. Note also the presenceof Gajakesari as Jupiter is exalted in a kendra from the Moon.

Jupiter has given rise to two yogas. Balance of Moon's Dasa at birth: years EvidentlyVenusis more powerful as, though hi is Neecha, he is in a friendly Navamsa,while Jupiter is in an inimical house. Results,-The person will earn good reputation, be an equal to a ruler, have a long and prosperous life, be blessedwith good children and health and his name will travel to the confines of the four oceans. The four anglesin a horoscopeare like the four walls of a building. ChrrtNo r3. I5l after at Sunrise. T'he results should not be applied literally. Planetsin the 10th kendra are more powerful than those in the 7th; those in the 7th are more powerful than those in the 4th.

Those in the 4th, in turn, are more powerful than those in the lst though Lagna Kendra is an exception. In ascribing results to the Dasas, the usual considerations such as a planet being a beneficor malefic lord, etc. Chatussagara Yoga contributes to and good name to considerable financial soundness the person irrespectiveof the fact whether or not one is a ruler.

Note all the kendras are occupied. He was a man of great selfrespect, held a decent position as a Dewan, a great yogee and knew well eight languages.

Secrets to Decoding Yogas in Vedic Astrology

The Vasumathi resulting from the Lagna seemsto have more influence than the one formed with referenceto the Moon. If the upachayas happen to be exaltation places, the yoga becomesextremely powerful while the reverseholds good in casethe upachayas happen to be debilitation places. When counted frohr thc Moon all the four upachayas cannot be occupied because there will be only three benefics left.

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The authorities are silent on the matter and they simply say that the upachayas should be occupied. Varahamihira seemsto go so far as to assertthat predictions made according to ordinary combinations may sometimes fail but the results predicted by Yasumathi Yoga do not fail. In all such planetary combinations, one must be very careful in assessing the rcal strength of a yoga and seeif its results have already been comprehended by some other more powerful yogas.