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Sensing Opportunities and Threats Your ability to know information before it is released and to formulate a correct prognosis might seem like a stroke of genius. Knowing the Other Better than Yourself Your psychic ability is to read other people, to understand their motives, and to know what their next move will be even before they know. But there is a blind spot. It is the mirror. You do not know yourself well enough to see your own accomplishments in a correct light. You also lose your sixth sense when someone gets close to you.

Filtering Out the Surface Layer Your hunger for deep affection has an intense physical expression. The verbal is almost always an annoyance.

Taurus Daily Horoscope for Today | California Psychics

Words get in the way in your pursuit of passion and you know a flirt from someone who really wants love. The ability to read lust and reel it in is your psychic power — and you can tell when someone is genuinely interested in a friend as well.

Divining Success Your sign has a natural optimism because you know ahead of time exactly where the opportunities are. While other people look at charts and graphs and hire consultants, you already know where and when to take the gamble, be it in business or in love. Your rate of success in pursuing gains is enviable.

Knowing the Pace Some people suddenly stop doing what they are doing. They quit their job and move.

Taurus Your Secret Superpowers

They sell the house. Capricorns psychically know the pace of life. When it is time to grow, you start before any clues are out there or any information is available. You make radical changes in your life at the right time and move up the ladder of success at a steady pace. You could ask for what you want, but you already know what the other person is looking for and can package your needs and desires as their wishes.

Seeing the Entire Picture Pisces is by far the most psychic sign of the zodiac. The big picture is your specialty. You know where all the parts of the puzzle are falling. Science fiction and other dimensions are facts and you can visit them through intense visions, channeling larger truths back to the rest of us bound to the earthly plane.

Interested in unlocking the secrets to your astrological sign or psychic abilities? Read more articles on psychic abilities or call a professional astrologer or psychic for help. A great starting point is a detailed astrological chart, detailing traits and compatibility based on the specific birthdates for you and your love interest. Air is needed to sustain life. Air people communicate, relate and rationalise. In the horoscopes of gifted psychics, Air brings messages from intangible sources.

Air people are the bearers of good and bad news. Often an Air person appears to bombard the listener with information and others, as an escape valve, switch off. Next time, remember that amidst the output could be valuable information meant for your ears alone, coming through the Air person as a vessel. Air is a cooling regulator for the overheated and headstrong. Air people have a special gift for language; ideas, inspirations and messages can be readily understood by them and translated into a language comprehended by large numbers of people.

Mercury and Uranus have an affinity with the Air signs. If one is rising or powerfully placed in your birth chart you may demonstrate Air-like qualities, even if you are predominantly a Fire, Earth or Water type. Water engulfs, surrounds and cools. It can change its shape and form, being heated to form steam and frozen solid to form ice. Water can gently or aggressively remould the coastline of a continent. Water signs are generally highly receptive to the suffering of others, provided they keep their emotions in check.

Water is a good conductor of electricity. Through Water, thought waves can break barriers of time and space. Water transcends logic and conscious thought and taps directly into the subconscious. Unaware Water people can soak up physical and mental vibrations from others, sometimes in sympathy and sometimes as a psychic 'sponge'.

Has it occurred to the Water person that their backache or depressed mental state may belong to someone else? If the difficulty is yours, deal with it. If not, help out, but don't feel obliged to wear it.

Psychic Powers by Zodiac Sign

The Moon and Neptune have an affinity with Water signs. If one is rising or powerfully placed in your birth horoscope, you may demonstrate Water-like qualities, even if you are predominantly a Fire, Earth or Air type. Studies of the complete horoscopes of most physically gifted people produce the following consistencies. Most psychics have five of the following six patterns in their birth horoscopes.. In other words, the psychically gifted person will demonstrate a sensitive reception and the ability to channel power in an unusual manner.

The great psychics are motivated by love. In recognising their gift, they recognise their responsibility to help and uplift others as a greater priority than indulging their own egos. The repetition of the strongly placed Saturn in the charts was surprising, although on consideration, logical. The controlling factor is essential, otherwise sensitivity and excess power without discipline, could result in nervous or mental instability.

Highly sensitive people who do not have the benefit of a strongly placed Saturn would be wise to include 'grounding' in their lives through earthy people, earthy foods and lifestyle, exercise, the natural environment, gardening and of course pets to neutralise and balance negativity. It is very common to be attracted to partners who provide the Fire, Earth, Air or Water energies you lack. Whilst not medically qualified, he did health readings for a large number of people in a trance state -- providing extraordinary information on illnesses and natural remedies to assist and sometimes cure the ailment.

Most Psychic Sign According To Your Zodiac

The sensitivity of Pisces is grounded through the strong Earth factor. Saturn's conjunction to Mercury and Venus suggests tremendous channelling ability, but also many sacrifices. A full moon in Virgo on March 1 activates the areas of your chart associated with creativity and mass media. When this axis is illuminated, it is important to consider how your intrinsic artistic abilities can help you connect with your greater community. What are your special gifts, Taurus babe, and how can you use them to express yourself?

Don't be afraid to let your talents shine.

Psychic Abilities According To Your Zodiac Sign

On March 6, two planets enter the Aries constellation: Mercury, the planet of communication, and Venus, your ruling planet and the governor of love and beauty. This cosmic movement highlights the sector of your chart associated with psychic powers, so don't be surprised if these transits bring up some deep feels. Although you're usually guided by logic, your romantic side will play a larger role over the next few weeks.

This is an excellent time to explore your emotional range and remember that empathy amplifies soul connections. Pack your bags, grab your passport, and throw your Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer Mini in your bag for in-transit touch-ups: You may be presented with an exciting travel opportunity on March 17, when a new moon in Pisces and Mars's movement into Capricorn ignite the areas of your chart associated with extended networks.

Expand your horizons by embarking on a meaningful voyage: Some distance from your daily life will be a much-needed reminder that the world is bigger than your immediate surroundings suggest.