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Cancer Weekly Horoscope October 7, 12222

Saturn has entered your house of relationships. This is a major transition house, where Saturn ascends out of the inner zone of your chart and out over the horizon. Saturn conjunct Pluto on Jan 12 is the first big test of the year. The psychic version of the FBI comes in and investigates all the past crimes and misdemeanours in your romantic past. If you have been a saint or it has been others that have abused your good nature then you are in the clear ….

This way you get the best of both worlds!

That is unless you really have not been living in the real world and acting dishonourably in relationships. In that case, Jupiter could exaggerate Saturns punishments also. Nature does not reward bad behaviour as a rule. With Saturn, what you give is what you get, add Jupiter, you will get whatever that is, in spades!! Ceres has the strangest orbit where some years it is as fast as a personal planet and other years it functions more like Jupiter. This year it divides itself mainly between Aquarius and Pisces and retrogrades twice so it is more personal. Before it does we have a Persephone -esque connection of Ceres conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on Jan As you have so much emphasis on your marriage house this year you will have to be careful not to ruin a perfectly good relationship by being tempted by the charms of a rogue ….

Black Moon Lilith. For the majority of the year Lilith will be in Aries so we will take it from there.

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From Jan 27 Lilith through your house of status and higher-calling will be asking you to look at how authentic you are being in your career. Mars joins Lilith from Jun 28 until Oct 20 which adds more fuel to your needing to be in a position you feel passionate about. How much is the material benefit worth compared to feeding your soul and being of service to others? Are you a team player or are you starting to feel a little exiled from the rest of your colleagues?

Venus retrograde will take place in the house of mysticism and self-undoing so make sure one of your relationship challenges is not due to your own self-sabotaging.

You might have to try very, very hard to resist some forbidden fruit in the shape of an Ex. Venus Retrograde has the habit of dredging up old paramours that we never quite got over Probably that was only because they were love-bombing narcissists or you played at being very hard to get. Anyway, chances are they come back just to see if you will drop everything for them.

Libra Horoscope - Exciting predictions revealed !

Mars retrograde is powerful and ambitious in Aries and this works fantastically for you in your career zone. This will help take your mind off the seductive ex or any other forbidden naughtiness. Go out and hunt business-partners and clients rather than bedroom romps. This will make the likelihood of finding a hugely wealthy patron all the more possible while Jupiter is conjunct Pluto in your collaborations zone.

Mars will square you during this time, so it can feel edgy and tense occasionally ….

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All this positive energy starts on Wednesday, when the sun teams up with Jupiter planet of luck —and Venus planet of sociability on Thursday—making for all sorts of spontaneous and harmonious celebrations. The weekend is where a lot of planetary commotion will hit. On Sunday, Jupiter turns direct after being retrograde since April. If any best-laid plans and projects have stalled lately, things can now take an upward turn. That same day, Mercury planet of communication moves into Leo, which is a very charismatic and at times dramatic influence, so expect people to have an increased desire for their voice to be heard.

And finally, also on Sunday, Uranus planet of transformation turns retrograde in Taurus, where it will remain so until January This could encourage a slower approach to the process of change. With less of an urge to jump ship, there could be a desire to adopt a more orderly approach to revolutionizing affairs. The aspects on Wednesday and Thursday could enhance this energy even more, making those two days the best to go on a date. Lastly, Jupiter just turned direct in your travel zones.

Time to jet set!

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Perfect days for this get together would be either Wednesday or Thursday. Try to see the bigger picture here, Cancer. The planets have been giving you their full attention as of late it is Leo season after all! Prepare for plenty of dates!

Cancer Horoscope 2020

While Wednesday and Thursday are great times for dates for other signs, for you those days should be central to family. Time to get everyone together for a birthday, wedding, or other celebration! As Jupiter turns direct on Sunday, the subsequent days after are ideal for you to reveal your new ideas to those in power. Hint: You may want to think about team collaboration here. Wednesday or Thursday could see you being offered an amazing opportunity.