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Because Libras consider multiple perspectives in all pursuits, however, these air signs struggle with indecision. Instead of constantly seeking outside perspectives, Libras would do well to develop and trust their own intuition. Their characteristic ambivalence aside, Libras can navigate virtually any social situation, effortlessly resolving conflicts by simply turning on the charm.

Allow astrologer Aliza Faragher to explain which signs yours is most compatible with:. Libra September 23 - October 22 Libra is an air sign represented by the scales interestingly, the only inanimate object of the zodiac , an association that reflects Libra's fixation on balance and harmony. By Kaleigh Fasanella.

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By Leah Prinzivalli. Read More.

Libra Compatibility - Zodiac Sign Astrology

Typical Libra traits include being artistic and stylish and the Libra sign enjoys creating a beautiful world. Are you a Libra man or a Libra woman? You can expect the Scales to make a fair argument, too, since they live by the principles of diplomacy and compromise. Nah, Libras really are too nice for that. Plus, any end-runs that these folks use are usually to build themselves up, since this star sign can be easily deterred.

Libra Sign Traits Overview

Rather, they take a deep breath and consider all the options in the spirit of cooperation. Libras at play may not be as energized as at work, if you call socializing work and the Scales do. Alternatively, Libras love the outdoors, so riding and biking can also prove fun. They also love the colors of the sunset sky, that melding of ivory, pink and light blue.

In the game of love, Libras are a bundle of energy, romantic and loyal to the core. The Scales need to be on the lookout for their lower backs, though, which tend to shoulder any burdens they may be carrying.

Libra Love Chart

Find out the Libra zodiac sign love compatibility. A relationship is complex. There is no guarantee as to what will work and what will not, especially at length. All the personality traits of each Zodiac sign have to be considered when examining their compatibility in astrology. Generally speaking, Libra seeks balance in any kind of relationship.

Libra compatibility

It should be equal, with equal commitment and equal feelings for one another. That may seem rather utopian, but it happens that Libra accomplishes it, by holding on to the goal and finding the solutions to realize it. Libra wants a relationship with fixed structure and routines. In any case, Libra commits to a partner for life — as long as they agree on what that life should be like. Know More.

Sagittarius Compatibility with Libra

English name: The Bull. English name: The Twins.