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I am a Virgo with a Taurus moon and venus in Scorpio. Im attracted to Scorpios and have many Scorpio friends. Scorpios are attracted because I love venus like a scorpio. These article never take into account the 4 important planets, moon, venus, mercury and mars. Its annoying. I m a taurus woman, I v been with a taurus man before and i think he was the best for me but I had to let go. After the taurus guy, i meet a virgo man OMG his my best friend and not sure whether the taurus guy was the best for me or this virgo, had to let go.

I am currently married, 3 kids with an aquarius. Its hard to communicate with him as i dont know what to talk about and even if we are talking with one another we dont really connect. We have a lot of little arguments beacuse of misunderstandings and miscommunication and he wants to break up with me everytime we fight. I like to talk about our problem and but he avoids talking abt it for days… Idk how long we will last like this.

Perhaps we could help each other out. I do get along with the Taurus female, we have had many deep conversations.

Bernard Werber - Revolutia furnicilor

I usually talk about relationships, investing, work, family, kids, we discuss cars, etc. Im a Taurus women married to an aqaurius and when we first met it was always akward and i never knew what to say to him, but for some reason i couldnt let him go i was drawn to him. I ended up getting pregnant on accident so we stuck together. The beginning was a nighmare it was so hard for me to ground him but i did and till this day sometimes when hes talking i have no idea what hes talking about. But here we are 6 years later and we are the strongest couple i know.

We level each other and love each other like crazy……i believe most marriages can work if you put in the effort. She means the worls to me. I really need your help. He is an Aquarius. We do love each other so deeply, but we disagree on small things and it leads to arguments easily. Can you please help me and let me know how you guys keep it together. My girl is a Taurus with a moon in Aquarius. There was always something that kept us from fully connecting. I have always been the man she ran to when her heart was broken though. She moved a couple hours away years ago.

We recently hooked back up though, and now we seem even closer than ever despite the distance.

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Im a Taurus. Sucks Bc i always have a huge attraction to them. Sometimes Libras also. We are the sister astrological signs so our energy is always so intense. Taurus Women like loyalty and security in a person. Taurus are very devoted to ppl they love and they expect the same in return. Hope this helps. And they love fun and light heartedness in a partner. As a Taurus women, I discovered that Scorpios have three great qualities that makes a Taurus women so attracted to them 1 Passionate lovers 2 They know how to compromise 3 They spoil you overly generous.

As a Taurus women we love passionate lovers and the attention that Scorpio men give us. None the less we love the good things in life and Scorpio men has no cap is willing to give anything no questions! BUT no ones perfect, because Scorpio men cannot stay faithful for the life of them, not only that, but because they are so good in talking which we love they know how to sweet talk you back into the relationship.

I love my Scorpio men, but at one point can you stay loyal? Aquaries: Cant really keep a conversation for to long, there sweet and all but no thanks. I am a Taurus woman I was with a Aquarius man for 4 years. He was all I ever wanted until he decided to hurt by hitting me. He was extremely quiet and sweet and we always were honest to each other. Then he cheated and I found out. Then when I did he insisted life was to short and wanted to be free.

Taurus can be friends with Aquarius but being together is a no. I did everything to keep this man. You know how Taurus always give there all. We argued over dumb shit just so he can do what he wants. Taurus and a cancer to me are a hard match.

The return of Eva Garza - San Antonio Express-News

I love my cancer though. I am a Le woman and I am dating a taurus Man. He is the love of my life responsible, loving, affectionate, and the sex is Amazing not like any other. My taurus man is on the aries cusp so I dont know is thats what makes a difference this is ne of the best relationships I ever had. Yes scorpio will make you feel like your everything until they feel like they cant trust you cause of their insecurities and their wrong doings they have done in their past relationships which falls on you n trys to make you seem like your doing the wrong or have done wrong until it comes down to them wanting your love again and they to take it away I will never get with a scorpio eva in my life again ps Taurus woman.

As a Taurus myself, i notice the little things in life that make a difference.

Free Daily Horoscopes for each Zodiac Sign!

But i figured out, Scorpio need a lot of reassurance in a relationship, as does Taurus. I am seeing a Taurus and I am a libra and everything about us is totally awesome. Friends are definitely the beat lovers. No, is just opposite sign but is your evil side or good side depend what energy you giving off…. Is really a mud situation if can communicate to get out the mud as together because both parties try to show there love each other.

Im a taurus female married to a sagitarrius man, together for 8 years. Its been one of the hardest relationships Ive ever been in! There are so many things I love about him, his humor and he can be so much fun to be with.

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How ever he is always dramatic and makes a mountain out of a ant hill. Im trying to get him to chill out more! Its a struggle. But he has been separated with his wife of 11 years. I have been teaching him to be more calm and not lash out on petty stuff. We both have kids.


Sagittarius men are very flirtatious and like to do their own thing. You can never plan a day or time to go on a trip. Which as a Taurus we hate change. But for both of the signs to work things out is to understand, compromise and let go of the set boundaries. Both stubborn signs always clashes. I too am a Taurus in love with a Sagittarius man , how do you do it? I so want it to work , but he is so demanding and not affectionate enough to keep me around , in one and a half years I am the one who breaks up , but we always go back together. Im a tuarus women and love Cancer women as best frrineds, they are truly amazing!

Yes, our deepest feelings between us is the highest!

Before him, I also always attracted to Tauruses men. Dunno why. I am Aquarian , we are open mind , social , flirt ,curious, humanitarian,and very very independent. It just drive us crazy. One more thing do not do the same thing over and over cuz she will get bored of her mind and it will turn into arguments. Good luck.