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Hi i find the website very good, its helped me several times out, im starting a business and im a Trainee counselor so its busy for me. I was feeling a great after this reading, but then I had a friend use the same thing, she was given the exact cards as me. I thought it was a bit odd, so I checked on a different computer and yeah… the same cards.

People obviously come here because they need help, guidance, words of encouragement, etc. All you did was give a false reading, a joke.

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But I guess I got my answer :. Thank you for your message! There was a problem with the cache which caused it to be broken! It is fixed now! Give it another go! Hello im having problems with noise from the tenant that lives above me is there any likelihood it will be resolved soon my health and stress levels are enormous. Thanks so much for access to these apps. I would love to put them on my website or some with my own pre loaded options.

Who was the creator? I would love to have them make some for me. I love the readings and they are always spot on whether I want them to be or not. Another great tool but also beautifully presented. Nice Job Michele. If you press the F5 key, it refreshes the page and the cards so they give you a different selection.

Try it and see if it works. It does for me. They are usually pretty good anyway, but today … well … it was spot on! Thank you xx.

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I feel like im running out of time. My parents live in another state. My mom is in very bad health she has lost a leg and is so weak right now that she is in a wheelchair. I just found out my dad is going down hill also. I want so badly to move home and take care of them but im stuck in another state with a man that refuses to leave where we are. I have prayed that I could win the lottery or sweepstakes I know it sounds silly so I would have the money to get a car and have the money to move back and buy a house for all of us.

I also have a dream to be able to help people in need with the money. I will never forgive myself if something happens to my mom or dad and I wasnt there for them. Please help me! Do tell me. My personal belief is that you should trust your intuition if you think you know who it is. Hi I am in training at a new job i feel this guy is trying to get me fired what do you see in my near future.

How do you talk to them?

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How do you hear them? I would recommend doing some reading, be it online or books from a library. I know that sounds kind of cliche but I say that because I used to feel that way too. Hi Michele.

Tarot Card, Tarot Reading, Online Tarot Reader | Happy Ho

I need to ask are me and my ex ever going to get back together? I seriously need help. Im completely lost and drowning. There has been financial worries, extreme concerns about my son, and work issues.

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Will I get the job and relocate and will this be positive for both my son and me? Will I sell my home quickly? Please can you advise me if things are going to improve, i feel i cant take much more stress its affecting my health and sanity, the neighbours downstairs are constantly playing video games and or loud music all day and night the council wont do anything, i try to help others without asking for anything in return. I feel it is important for you to seek help. Speak to your GP and perhaps have a chat with your local MP if you feel the council are not listening to you.

book a reading with your favourite psychic

I ask for your guidance once in a while, and really appreciate your advice, thank you. There is a fantastic therapy called Cognitive behavioural therapy otherwise known as CAT which is incredible. Speak to your GP about getting a referral. Sending love x. This suggests that you have more power than you realise and have a little bit of the magician in you! Create a vision board and trust in your own ability to create your destiny. Why am I hear is my question, what is my purpose in this relationship.

Plz help. Thank you for your help. Hi Michelle Im in a very bad situation at the moment, i allowed my partner to move into my home 2. I have amounted debts up in my sole name as he had a bad credit rating, to re mortgage and have repairs carried out, but he agreed to pay half the debts, he hasnt kept his word and i am really struggling to meet all the payments. I want him out my home have asked him several times to leave but still here.

Jobs are left half completed and its affecting my health, i work a 50 hour week but cant meet all the bills.

Do you see any change in my finances soon and him leaving me so i can enjoy life again? Thank you for this website. I use this with my own cards for a better understanding of the madness called my life!

Tarot Reading & More

Everything I was working towards has been turned upside down! I did wish for change, it was needed, but WOW…. I like to see the outcome as a flow. I have always had three in the outcome as it gives a fuller picture. If you would like a reading one of my psychics will be happy to help you via email or phone.

Sending a ton of love to you and hope things have resolved x. I am gifted and ask people who come to me to give to charity only. Is this why my readings are so precise? I would move to share this with a spiritually enlightened soul God Bless you all and especially Michele xxx.

I was tricked into signing over my parental rights.