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In the coming weeks, I don't think you'll have to do what they do.

Free Will Astrology—Week of April 26

But I do suspect it will be a good time to engage in behaviours that have a resemblance to hibernation: slowing down your mind and body; thinking deep thoughts and feeling deep feelings; seeking extra hugs and cuddles; getting lots of rich, warm, satisfying food and sleep. What else might appeal to your need to drop out of your fast-paced rhythm and supercharge your psychic batteries? I don't suggest that they actually eat the pages, although there is historical precedent for that.

The Bible describes the prophet Ezekiel as literally chewing and swallowing a book.

Weekly Horoscopes

And there are accounts of 16th-century Austrian soldiers devouring books they acquired during their conquests, hoping to absorb the contents of the texts. But in accordance with current astrological omens, I suggest that in the next four weeks you acquire the wisdom stored in books by actually reading them or listening to them on audio recordings. In my astrological opinion, you really do need, for the sake of your psychospiritual health, to absorb writing that requires extended concentration. These facts didn't stop him from getting married, raising a family of four children, and writing eight books.

freewill astrology

He's a positive guy who has faith in the possibility of miracles. In fact, he says he keeps a pair of shoes in his closet just in case God decides to bless him with a marvellous surprise. In accordance with current astrological omens, Aquarius, I suggest you make a similar gesture. Create or acquire a symbol of an amazing transformation you would love to attract into your life.

Free Will Astrology

Many resist being part of the Philippines and want their own sovereign nation. They have a lot of experience struggling for independence, as they've spent years rebelling against occupation by foreign powers, including Spain, the United States, and Japan. I admire their tenacity in seeking total freedom to be themselves and rule themselves.

May they inspire your efforts to do the same on a personal level in the coming year.

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Homework: Write yourself a nice long love letter full of praise and appreciation. Send a copy to me if you like: FreeWillAstrology.

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There will be nothing Nutrl about these jams Switch to the mobile version of this page. Highway 99 Weather Youtube.

Individuals who wanted their horoscopes to read like a personal sonnet sought out Brezsny's work. The response was so popular that he started his own horoscope column. Since then, Rob Brezsny's personal vision and influence led him to inspire several generations to embrace their free will and human responsibility over environmental factors. If you're a stranger to Brezsny's website, your first glance might yield mixed emotions.


This is not a site that promotes the typical astrological fanfare. It's not about locating your sun sign and receiving a snippet of a horoscope that will provide you with, perhaps, some over-reaching advice for the upcoming month. That said, there are weekly horoscopes listed for each of the twelve zodiac signs. Moreover, Brezsny's cyber haunt will give readers an opportunity to step inside his vision which seems to be one of positivity and proactive efforts to help restore mankind, and the world, to a more harmonious state.

In short, Rob Brezsny represents another generation of spiritual gurus who uphold the idea that human beings exercise free will over their lives, but with that free will comes great societal and ecological responsibility. Many people have become frustrated with the inflexible tenets of certain faiths and practices that seem to mitigate human responsibility over the world's changing conditions.

It's in this context that many individuals feel enlivened by Brezsny's message of free will and human responsibility as a response to the tragedies that occur the world over.

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