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View First Unread. It also has different meanings in Decumbiture charts. In Vedic astrology, it is viewed as being more powerful. Mercury goes retrograde more often than any other planet-usually about 3 times a year for a few weeks at a time. This thread will contain Articles and Information about Retrograde planetary activity. I think that any retrograde planet tends to interiorize the expression of the planet. It operates on a more subjective and covert level.

The meaning of a planet doesn't change, but the capacity for extroverted expression is altered. The retrograde period. After the retrograde conjunction Venus reappears in direct motion in the East just before sunrise and is considered to be reborn as the Morning Star. The Mayan people depicted Venus as a goddess of war at the time of the stationary direct Morning Star period, considering that she had risen up from the underworld "still sticky with the blood and bones of the dead".

The rest of them do. In reality, planets do not go retrograde they are always direct but we on Earth can and do observe reverse motion which leads people to believe a planet is g oing backwards. Some astrologers have a theory that a retrograde planet is a window, showing you who you were in a previous life and what you brought into this life which is still unresolved. A lot of people have a planet that changes direction from direct to retrograde or vice versa after a few days of their birth.

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So for example, an individual has Venus Retro, a few days later Venus went stationary then direct. I can only explain this, by assuming that the very retrograde planet has the ability and capability to change its perspective more powerfully than a direct planet. Unfortunately, we cannot really test the effect of direct and retrograde condition on a person after a few days because the individual might be too young.

My other guess is that direct planet s moves faster than a retrograde planet. With a retrograde planet, you will end up having either aspects e. I think with a retrograde planet in your chart, there is a strong indication of adaptability and flexibility when it comes to its ability to express itself. If it doesn't oppose any planets, a retrograde natal planet is its own boss. Not only that, but it has no strict restrictions to control the retrograde planet and its force. It does not abide by any rules or regulations. I have noticed that retrograde planet s with no other planets to aspect them , will be very free in their behavior.

An opposition is basically a t u g of war. Compromise is absolutely necessary. When you have a direct planet opposing a retrograde planet, the potential for growth and understanding its true potential is very limited. Also, with this aspect you might end up losing control over the houses involved and have a strong desire or an internal never-ending battle between what is strong in you and what is weak in you.

You may retreat and hide and try not to bring it out in the open which MAY create a self-destructive personality but that is rare. There are usually other indications. If a retrograde planet is conjuncting the direct oriented planet, the retrograde planet is in no way, shape or form weaker than any direct planet nor loses its own natural energy when turning direct, UNLESS there should be an opposition present.

Retrograde planets express itself in a rebellious matter when the native least expects it. Of course, the location and rulership of such a planet should be analyzed to see how expressive the retrograde planet is. Once you break down the retrograde planet in the chart and understand how a retrograde planet or planets express themselves in your chart, studying the house or houses should be analyzed next.

The subjective domain group is placed from 10th through 3rd group. The Objective domain group is located between the 4th and 9th house. If all of your retrograde planets are located above the horizon , there is a strong need for public life and often times; it is hidden on the subconscious level.

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I have noticed that people with above the horizon retrogrades tend to drive extra hard to get to their goals. Retrogrades below the horizon behave quite differently.

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If retrogrades above the horizon call on the individual to be out there in the open, retrogrades below the horizon call such individuals to have an eternal need for privacy and internal happiness. They tend to be more introverted without understanding why, nor having an ability to be more outgoing unless there are indicators of outgoing personality in the natal chart. In one case, a five year old child had a predominant number of planets below the horizon.

Every time his parents would mention his great piano skills, the child would just take off to another room and cry. I narrowed it down to planets below the horizon but then I started paying attention to retrograde planets. It maybe a coincidence but this is what I noticed. When I originally began my search for astrological explanation to define direct and retrograde planetary direction, I did not start with house location but I started with looking into quadrants.

Mann If there are retrograde planets located in 1st, 2nd or 3rd houses , it indicates that the individual learns lessons based on their "gut" decisions. Retrograde planets in 4th, 5th or 6th houses could show complications in love life and romances. It has been observed that these individuals tends to learn through their feelings. There is a tendency to misunderstand or idolize other persons feelings towards the native.

Retrograde planets in the 10th, 11th or 12th houses indicate a person who develops and expands themselves through "deep thinking" but they have to be careful about "overthinking" and losing their focus on the things they are trying to solve or fix. Here are some direct book references to retrograde planets: Helen J. Yod, in the beginning of his book" Astrology and Reincarnation" talks about how retrograde planets indicate types of reincarnation.

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New Revelations On Retrograde Planets In Vedic Astrology [With Russian Subtitles]

Introduction to Retrogrades Astro Psychology Oriented. The transiting and Progressed Rx Planets make a huge impact on the individual's Psyche or pattern of thinking. As a rule of my personal observation the Retrogradation generally starts affecting the individuals psyche 3 days prior to the actual retrogradation. There are 3 phases in the Retrograde cycle. The Middle phase of any Retrograde planet does affect the individual more than starting and ending phase of the Retrogration cycle.

The Aspect involved with Retrograde Planets. More in depth explanation of "Opening" and "Closing" Aspects 1.

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Generally the signs are from Aries to Pisces in an anticlockwise direction keeping the direction Anticlockwise in mind we have to see whether the aspect is opening of closing.. Similarly here you can replace any Aries sign with any other sign. According to the Huber school of astrology, there are 4 levels of experiencing any Aspect. If there is an aspect between a Retrograde planet and another planet, the person has a challenge in achieving these levels. Personal Level b. Emotional Level c. Mental Level d. Transformational Level Each and every individual should try to attain the 4th level.

Note about the "4 levels" Think about the "levels" of a sign e.